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so, it turns out that I am complete homestuck trash (no one is surprised) and I reached 413 followers, so it’s giveaway time!!!! 

so here’s the goods:

* Note: this is a homestuck-themed giveaway because. well. 413. probably isn’t a problem since the majority of my followers are homestucks, but in case you aren’t, feel free to enter anyways! I can sew you something else instead of squiddles, or whatever. but I’ll make up for it somehow, I promise. c:

must be following me. duh. why the hell would I give stuff to someone who isn’t.

reblogs and likes count. so yeah whatever, do both. but just so you know, I’ll be using a random number generator to get the winner, and only one reblog shows up in the tags.

ends on july 30th! (as of right now. I might extend it, depending on how busy I become.)

good luck! and thank you all for following me. <3

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